Saturday, July 23, 2016

Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana - Day 2

Our day two started in Auburn, Alabama. After our long day one, we were ready for a day with few delays and new sights. On the way out of Auburn, we were able to check out the Auburn University campus. The exterior architecture was very nice, we didn't have time to explore the interiors.

At our first charge stop, we ran into the family from New York that saw us eating ribs and pork at the Atlanta charging station. Had quite a good conversation with them about travel. Turns out they are making there way to Houston so we might see them again.

Our first tourist stop, was Biloxi, Mississippi. This was an unplanned stop that I'm glad we added. We checked out the Biloxi lighthouse and museum. Interestingly, there was  a large contingent of folks hunting Pokeman. Like a whole tour bus load.

After our stint in Biloxi, we moved on to New Orleans. There is still some rebuilding going on there so I had to review for Oliver what transpired  a year before he was born. He took much interest in the structures that still hand't been rebuilt and evidence of water damage on others. Our goal was to visit the French Quarter and have some beignets. That goal was accomplished at the Cafe Du Monde, a famous location for this delight. Needless to say, Oliver was quite pleased.

In order to not end another post on the topic of food, I need to mention some other items. We visited Jefferson Park, checked out the Mississippi river, visited some eclectic stores, and did some people watching. Overall, a much better day than day one.  Tomorrow, it's on to Houston!


  1. I like your blog oliver your trip looks really fun

  2. I like your blog oliver I hope you are having a fun time

    1. sorry about that I thought it wasn't working.