Sunday, July 24, 2016

Houston, TeslaCoastToCoast here. The Tesla has landed! - Day 3

Day three started with an incredible find. Our motel provided us with a free breakfast. Usually you get your choice of breakfast cereals, milk, bagels, various hot items, and that really fancy waffle maker that flips over to make the perfect waffle. This time, we could find no waffle maker. Oh no, a major fail for Oliver, he lives on those waffles when we travel. Fortunately for us, the attendant was nearby and mentioned that they have fresh pancakes. Of course, Oliver was game, but, to us, there were no pancakes to be found. And then she pointed out a big chrome machine that makes pancakes from scratch while you wait. This thing was crazy, it pops out the perfect pancakes right before your eyes. Oliver had an enjoyable breakfast and the world was right again.

After breakfast, we got on the road for Houston. The goal was to arrive in time to explore Space Center Houston. This portion of the trip was only a little tricky in that there aren't many high powered charging solutions (that we were prepared for anyway) in the area in and around the space center. This would mean a little more planning to ensure we wouldn't be stuck somewhere waiting on a public charger to get us to our next destination. We had planned stops at a supercharger in Lake Charles, LA, a Level 2 (meaning slower) charger in Baytown, TX, and a charge at our hotel for the night in Houston, TX. When we arrived at Lake Charles at around 10:30, we noticed that there was a Sonic right next to the supercharger. Well, we had actually planned to eat at the Sonic in Baytown later that day so we started thinking... if we did a range charge (charge the Tesla all the way up) there would be no need to stop in Baytown. Range charges take longer, as Oliver will be happy to explain,  as it takes almost as long to get from 80% to 100% full as it does from 10% to 80%. Stuffing in every last electron just takes longer. Saving the extra stop might be worth it and we would just eat an early lunch at around 11:30. We met some great folks who were at Sonic in their Corvettes. They had just lost some cash at the local casinos and were washing down their woes with milkshakes. Prior to lunch, I was able to get some supercharger crossfit in, for those in the the know this was intended to be a 20 minute AMRAP of 30 single unders (jump rope), 20 squats, and 10 push ups. Oliver turned it into a photo session, so I am not sure what I ended up with...

After lunch it was straight to the Space Center Houston. The navigation system messed with us bit and we ended up having to get directions from some federal officers on the base. Also, Oliver became obsessed with a light ouse we saw so we had to discuss finding it after our time at the space center. At the space center, we toured mission control at the Johnson Space Center, the rocket yard, and Independence Plaza among other others. We got to see many lunar artifacts that were very interesting. Oliver had fun but ran out of energy early, we ended up leaving before closing. He just wanted to find that lighthouse.

We were able to use the map in the Tesla to figure out where that lighthouse was located. When we arrived at the lighthouse, I realized it was part of a development and not an actual lighthouse. That explained things a bit, because I couldn't figure out why a light house would be placed so far inland. 

We ended the day and one of the fancier hotels of the trip, the Hotel Zaza. Oliver loved this place. We had a great dinner and Oliver made a new friend with someone visiting from San Francisco, spent some time in the pool, and were happy to get some down time in a room with a view. Since the hotel is in the museum district, we'll spend some time exploring in the morning before heading on to Oklahoma. 

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