Monday, July 25, 2016

Powering through Oklahoma by the wind! - Day 4

Special note from day four: Here's a lesson we now learned the hard way when planning trips through major metropolitan areas.  Be sure to add extra time for construction! Thank you Dallas for making our trip just a little longer today.

Prior to leaving Houston, we decided to visit the Japanese garden that was near the museum district,  where we spent the night.  We have visited Japanese gardens in many of the cities we visit and enjoy the relaxation they provide. Houston did not disappoint. The only real issue was the heat. I can't be that hot in Japan, can it?

Our major stop of the day was at the Tesla service and sales center in Houston. Yes, this trip is called Tesla Coast to Coast and we plan to make a few stops at locations that have stores and superchargers. This location was a bonus because it had that and a service center. We had heard it was pretty nice and we weren't disappointed. What a fancy place compared to our little center in Durham. Tina, Kelly, and Susan were very helpful in finding Oliver the T-shirt we've been trying to get for the past few weeks. Now we'll have matching shirts. Thanks for taking our photos and thank you for your assistance. If you want to see more pictures, open our interactive map and click on the Signature stop labeled for this location. Hope you enjoy the blog.

We would like to give a special shout out to our friends at the Collin Street bakery. At this location, if you show your Tesla key, you get a free drink. We told them our Tesla story and Oliver got a free ice cream and a free drink. Oliver chose some of their lemonade and it rocked. Thanks guys!

On the other side of Ardmore Oklahoma, we discovered some of Oklahoma's wind turbines. Since we charged nearby, I guess you could say we were powered by the wind. The turbines produce electricity that feed the grid and we charge from the grid, enough said. 

Due to extreme delays in Dallas, we ended up driving into the night. We hit one of Oklahoma's famous rain stores. The negative ions and cooler air were quite a relief from the heat of the day. 

We are now on Route 66. Time for some Nat King Cole and road tunes. Oliver is excited about the adventures that await us tomorrow.


  1. Hello Oliver --- This is Kelly from the North Houston Tesla Service Center. Tina and I wanted to tell you that it was such a pleasure to meet you and your dad while your car was charging at our center. We think it is so cool that you planned your trip. What a great way to see the U.S. We hope to see you again. Hope you enjoy Route 66.

  2. What a fantastic trip of a lifetime Oliver and Patrick. I'm so excited to see you in Fremont on Tuesday, and Leigh too! Love you Cousins, Monica