Sunday, August 7, 2016

Solar Powered Car! - Day 13

We spent the first half of Day 13 checking out the San Francisco sights and tourist attractions. The latter part of the day we spent traveling to Reno. In the our travels to Reno, we stopped at a solar powered charging station/service/sales center, and visited Lake Tahoe both the California and Nevada sides.

In San Francisco, we visited the Palace of Fine Arts, the Golden Gate bridge, and the Japanese Tea Garden. These are some of Oliver’s favorite Sand Francisco spots. While leaving the Palace of Fine Arts, we saw one of those Amazon delivery robots on the sidewalk. We didn’t get a chance to take a photo, sorry. But it was fun seeing some people checking it out. At the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, we climbed the super steep bridge and then went and had a really nice little tea party. As is customary, Oliver got a Ramune drink, orange this time. We aren’t sure if likes the look of the bottle or the taste more. 

On the way to Lake Tahoe, we stopped in Rocklin, California to charge. In Rocklin, there’s  a Tesla solar powered charging station/service/sales center. About 80% of the power used by this facility is generated by solar panels on site. Of course, we charged there. So, a portion of our trip was powered by the sun! It’s interesting because a large portion of the parking area is covered. Those covered areas have solar cells mounted on them. This is one of the only charges where the cars being charged were parked in the shade. A nice bonus on those hot sunny California days. Oliver took the opportunity to promote the blog on the center’s computers. 

We arrived at Lake Tahoe a little later than originally planned because we spent more time in San Francisco. The Lake did not disappoint. It was really nice up there. We visited the Sand Harbor area. The topography was interesting with sandy beaches and boulder formations for Oliver to explore. We spent about an hour checking out the location. Oliver did a water temperature check for us on one of the beaches, it was fun watching him try to stay dry while small waves were threatening to prevent that from happening. 

From Lake Tahoe, we moved on to Reno. Along the way, we saw quite a few classic cars on the road and on trailers moving towards Reno. Turns out the annual big car event, Hot August Nights, is going on in Reno. It was too late to go cruising so went straight to the hotel. Oliver wanted to get some pool time in so we hung out at the pool a bit and then got tucked in with Mom for our last night together as she will be getting back on a plane for home in the morning.  

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