Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Vegas Vacation - Day 9

Day 9 finds us in Las Vegas for the entire day. This is because we arrived from Arizona the night before and will not be moving on to California until the next day. Yes, we spent two nights at the Hines Ranch Resort and recuperate a bit from the rigors of our 7500 mile journey.

We got to hang out with Chris and Louis in the morning before they had to get off to work. Chris setup Oliver with a load of Quarters to search through for National Park and State themed quarters to finish out his selection. I don't believe we ever worked out what Oliver was supposed to trade for them. I am sure Uncle Chris won't forget and will hit him up for something at a later date.

We spent the rest of the morning hanging out at the ranch and checking up on the improvements that were in process. We also visited with Loki the goat. Because it gets pretty warm as the day progresses we went to visit the Airplane Shop (Airplanes are Oliver's other big hobby besides Teslas),  have some lunch, and see Star Trek Beyond.

In the evening, we played a big game of Monopoly - Hines Ranch Edition. This is a version of Monopoly that Oliver created for his Uncle Chris last year. Interestingly, the ranch has been changing so much that some of the properties don't exist in the same form any longer or don't exist any more.

Overall, we had a great time getting ourselves together for the rest of our journey. As usual, thanks to Uncle Chris and Aunt V for taking care us during our stay.

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