Friday, August 5, 2016

Yosemite is a Must-See - Day 11

Today we trekked on to San Francisco. In doing so, we passed through Yosemite National Park. Are route took us through Tioga Pass This is one of the higher points of our 7500 mile journey. It was nice an cool on this part of the journey so we were able to open the sunroof and let some sunshine in without getting sandblasted or pressure cooked.

If you haven't visited, Yosemite is a must-see. When you are there, be sure to stop by the Visitor Center inside the park and speak with Jenny. She was very helpful and gave us a heads up on on the great spots to see when you are short on time. You really can't do Yosemite in one-day, this is a place that spending a few days hiking and soaking it all in would be the minimum experience.

One hike we did do was a two mile hike to
see the Sequoias. The one mile hike down was easy. The one mile hike back up was a bit much for Oliver. He has much work to do to prepare for our hike of the Grand Canyon that he's planning. The sequoias we visited were not as impressive as the Redwood Forest, but still worth the hike. Just plan some extra time. Distances on maps can be deceiving.

We spent three more hours in Yosemite than planned. We could have spend three more days or even a week.

Our first evening in San Francisco was spent getting situated with a smaller room than usual and exploring our interesting hotel, Hotel Zephyr This is a boutique hotel whose theme is fun and games. It's in the spot we like to hang out when we visit San Francisco and had a surprisingly good parking setup. In fact, the Tesla had a great view of the bay! We had dinner at Boudin's.

Tomorrow is the big day! The Tesla factory visit. We won't be able to take pictures, but I'm sure we will have lots of stories.

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